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What is One-on-One Training?

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One-on-one training lets you work face to face with your own trainer, doing fun mental exercises that train the core skills the brain uses to learn, read, remember, and pay attention.

LearningRx wasn't created overnight. See a 35-year timeline highlighting the research, studies, and developments that have gone into LearningRx brain training.

Eight different programs meet a variety of cognitive needs for children, teens, and adults. Learn more about our programs and find a LearningRx Brain Training Center near you.

Families call the improvements in reading skills they see from LearningRx life changing.

"Our experience was excellent. We've seen a spark in our son we haven't seen before."

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How Does LearningRx Training Work?

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One-on-One Training
Cognitive Skills Assessment
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LearningRx training programs help struggling students improve the foundational cognitive skills the brain uses to learnreadreason, and pay attention.

LearningRx works one-on-one with clients to target cognitive skills. We call it brain training. Parents and families call it life changing.